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Migrant Musings

(errant thoughts & redirected ramblings)

Ana Cristina
10 October 1978

I'm a ... head-in-the-clouds girly girl, poet with ink running through my veins, book addict who's happy without the cure, and princess-warrior for the underdog.

Hm, what can I say about myself that will make me sound interesting/alluring/clever/mysterious/special/all of the above? (Gah, I hate doing these Bio things.)

Um... I'm a teacher, I teach English Lit, AP English Language, and ACT/SAT Verbal Prep to high school teenbrats. Me calling them teenbrats is really a sign of affection, believe me. This is my sixth year teaching, and I've decided they're infinitely more bearable once they've gotten past the prepubescent stage.

I'm also a writer, though I don't get paid for that (yet!). I write mostly poetry and short prose pieces, most of which can be found on Ficlets.com under my profile page: http://www.ficlets.com/authors/anacristina, and on Protagonize.com under: http://www.protagonize.com/author/AnaCristina

Most of all, I'm the loving girlf to my boyf, Ricky, who often has a starring role in my blog posts. Not that he knows much about that, though. Hee!

I'm also a blogger, maintaining this blog and three on blogger. You can access all three of my blogger sites by clicking on the banner below.